SCYP can offer all types of Youth and Community work. We have two nationally-qualified youth and community workers with over 20 years’ experience and various experienced and qualified staff to support sessions. We are non judgmental, anti-discriminatory, adhere to equal opportunities and endeavour to see the best in every young person with whom we work. The types of work that we can offer are:

Diversionary Projects

We engage young people in positive activities that promote their personal and social development through activities that engage them and link to their interests. Youth Crime, which is a significant national problem particularly common in socially deprived areas, a big factor in this problem is boredom, we can work with these young people and their communities to make their areas a safer healthier place to live and work.

Sports Engagement Projects

Physical activity uptake and retention in young people is low and is particularly lower in Staffordshire compared to other areas in the UK by providing sports activities that promote physical fitness, develop sports skills and improve health and fitness, we hope to address the health and well being issues as well as promoting sports and engaging young people in a social environment.

PHSE in Schools and Colleges

We can provide and deliver a selection of lessons/workshops to complement the school citizenship and PHSE curriculum. We can do full days, half days or singular sessions as well as dinner time drop in sessions to suit, subjects such as drugs/alcohol, bullying etc are an important part of the curriculum to keep young people safe.  We have experience of school delivery and alternative education both formally and informally where we can deliver tailor made accredited programmes for risk of exclusion pupils etc.

Summer Activity Programmes

We can provide a tailor made programme to suit any area working with young people in the holiday periods, which is the time when young people need engaging most. School club days, trips, sports projects, arts and craft workshops, games, fishing, boxing, and much more can be used to positively engage the young people when they are bored.

Gender Specific Work

Sometimes gender specific work is needed to get the most from the audience, we can offer girls only days where young women take part in holistic and therapeutic sessions this supports confidence, self esteem, self worth and positive development. We can also offer one to one work with both males and females, ensuring they get the specific individual support needed.

Working with NEETs

We can work with organisations to Engage Young People who are Not in Employment, Education & Training (NEET) to secure work placements, employment, apprenticeships or colleges places.

Sports Competitions and Specific Events

At Staffs CYP we can offer various competitions for young people such as football, table tennis, tenpin bowling, pool and snooker, netball, etc, these can be done between schools, youth clubs, training providers or sports clubs. We offer these competitions free of charge to various youth clubs/projects with the winners and runners up receiving their trophies and awards at Drayton Manor Park at our annual presentation, where the young people can use the park for free also.

Working with Training Providers 

We can offer tailor made sessions to compliment any training providers needs, at present we deliver a drugs and alcohol awareness session linked to a sports session for a local training provider, this supports their commitment to keep young people safe as Drugs and alcohol is an issue with some young people.

Youth Clubs 

We are pleased to offer youth clubs in five areas: Talke, Cheadle, Butt Lane, Knutton and Oakamoor. Our youth clubs are a great place for young people to get involved in positive activities that focus on young people’s personal and social development in a fun and exciting way. We offer pool, Xbox, table tennis, music, cooking, arts/crafts, sports, quizzes, trips and a great place for young people to socialise and make new friends, and as youth workers we understand the issues that face young people.

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