Who we are

Our President, The Lord Stafford

Staffordshire Clubs for Young People (SCYP), registered charity N° 522814, works with young people aged 10 to 19 throughout the Staffordshire area, delivering various sports, arts, health and well being, leadership and team building, youth events, competitions and youth work projects. Our work focuses on the personal and social development of young people, we support anti-discriminatory practice and create equal opportunities.

SCYP was established in 1960 by the father of our current and long-serving President, The Lord Stafford, and was part of the National Boys Clubs. During the 1980s, the Association was re-branded as the National Association of Clubs For Young People, and the Staffordshire committee therefore established Staffordshire Clubs for Young People, or SCYP.

We now operate SCYP with a full-time Youth Development Officer, two part-time workers, six volunteers and a small voluntary management team. Despite being a relatively small charity, we work regularly with over 3000 contacts a year in the Staffordshire area, where we provided youth events, youth clubs/projects, sports sessions and competitions to many young people in some of the most deprived areas of Staffordshire.

Currently our aim is to expand our work in order to meet the social and educational needs of young people in Staffordshire. We still provide sports competitions and events, but as our President the Lord Stafford has said, “with the demise of Staffordshire County Council Youth Services and the closure of all 38 Statutory Youth Clubs, our work at SCYP has never been so important. £40,000 per annum is key to keeping our doors open, to continue the delivery of our exceptional programme to the Young People of Staffordshire who otherwise would not be able to take part.” So we now provide youth activities such as detached youth work, summer activity programmes, crime diversionary projects, health and well being projects, etc.

Working in this different way has meant that we now work more closely with other partners such as local authorities, local Councillors, Community groups, the Police, training providers, schools, residents associations and other stakeholders to deliver the quality work that greatly benefits young people and their communities.

Our projects are often heavily subsidised and we feel that money should not be a barrier to access and participation in SCYP projects, so we self fund-raise by holding our own charity fundraising events, we rely on donations and we apply for grants and funding both locally and nationally, this is a big part of our work and without funding the work could not continue.

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