AA Young Driver’s Awareness Project

On the 23rd July 2015 Staffs CYP delivered, in partnership with the AA driving school, a young people’s drivers awareness project.

22 young people from Kidsgrove and Chesterton learnt about safe driving,the four fatal consequences of accidents, how to drive a car safely and responsibly as well as how to maintain a car. The session was delivered in 2 stages, the first stage is the classroom learning session, where young people take part in an interactive lesson and presentation around road safety awareness with a big emphasis on issues such as alcohol, seat belts, mobile phones and speeding. This stage also enables young people to learn about the laws of the road and how to stay safe as a driver and as well as a passenger.The Second stage is more practical based where young people learn to drive the car with a qualified instructor on a site that is safe and secure.

It’s important to deliver these types of sessions in order to educate young people around safety as most accidents involve new drivers and drivers under the age of 21.

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