Craigside Sports Project – Biddulph

Working with ‘Your Moorlands’ Staffs CYP delivered a multi sports holiday activities programme with a group of young people specifically in the Craigside area of Biddulph, the young people took part in Football, Dodgeball, Quick Cricket, Rounders, cat and mouse,KanJam, tennis as well as Jewellery making.  

Summer Activities Fishing Project at Blake Hall Fisheries

As part of our extensive summer activities programme we are working in partnership with John Davey of Go Fishing on a fishing course, young people are taking part in a fishing project over 4 sessions learning about the basics of fishing, conservation and the environment, types of tackle and fish. This type of project isContinue reading “Summer Activities Fishing Project at Blake Hall Fisheries”

AA Young Driver’s Awareness Project

On the 23rd July 2015 Staffs CYP delivered, in partnership with the AA driving school, a young people’s drivers awareness project. 22 young people from Kidsgrove and Chesterton learnt about safe driving,the four fatal consequences of accidents, how to drive a car safely and responsibly as well as how to maintain a car. The sessionContinue reading “AA Young Driver’s Awareness Project”

Staffs CYP Summer Holiday Programme – Sportivate Boxing Project

Sportivate Boxing project is a summer activities diversionary boxing training at Tom Lowe ABC. It’s important to engage young people in sport that challenges them and keeps them fit as well as giving them something to do with their free time. We are now in the 3rd week of our boxing project and the young peopleContinue reading “Staffs CYP Summer Holiday Programme – Sportivate Boxing Project”

Staffs CYP Summer Holiday Programme – Sportivate Crown Green Bowls

We had a good start to the Staffs CYP summer holiday programme,  we are delivering a Crown Green Bowling project for 6 weeks at Clough Hall bowls club with the support of Dave Butler as part of the Sportivate programme. Local young people will learn the basics of the game including delivery, the rules and etiquette,Continue reading “Staffs CYP Summer Holiday Programme – Sportivate Crown Green Bowls”